We take such enormous pride in our work here at Deer Park Kennels we encourage inspections of all parts of our facility. Then, you'll be able to see for yourself that we offer the best possible care at the most reasonable prices. If you can visit the kennel, Please make note of the dogs boarding when you are there and you will see that they are HAPPY! We sincerely believe we have that "extra something" that makes us special. That's because at Deer Park Kennels, we place your pet's welfare above all else.Placed on fifteen acres of tranquil woods Deer Park Kennels is one of the finest privately owned boarding facilities in Maryland. The recently renovated kennel is well designed, spacious and bright, and open seven days a week. As impressive as the facilities are, it is the unsurpassed level of care and love and devotion that sets Deer Park Kennels well ahead of the crowd.


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